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the only fansite that matters (LJ-extension)

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This Just In!
my_immortal is the oldest Evanescence community on livejournal, and dammit, we act like the crochety old geezers we are. Don't bother joining if you don't have a taste for sarcasm, bitchiness and "well it was better in the old days" stories. Anyone who posts about concerts while using only the pronoun "her" will be severely mocked. We like to mock. It doesn't necessarily mean that we don't like you, just that we like to make fun of your post. Especially if you talk about how much you love Amy.

Know that a lot of regulars here are friends from the beginnings of Evanescence fandom. We act very cliquish around here at times, but we're accepting of new people so long as they don't behave like dumbasses.

Back to your regularly scheduled community info

the Band is:
Amy Lee (OMG? YOu mean there's lyke a hole band? I thought Effervescence was lyke her stage name!)
Ben Moody (forever in our hearts)
(formerly) David Hodges
John Lecompt (bringing the rage)
Rocky Gray (pummelling you into oblivion [please let him play guitar on the next album])
Will Boyd (not bad for a guy who used to be in a Weezer wannabe band)
Terry Basalmo (the un-Ben, that other guy)

[exodus]Evanescence: unnofficial band site
Official band site
Bigwig: Label that put out (or helped put out) their first 3 CDs

Be warned before joining or posting that this is a Moodycentric community. We love Ben. Any posts about how Ben left and we need to get over it will result in mockery, flames and other assorted fun.

Speaking of flame-worth posts, any "OMG, I love Amy" posts will be derided as well. Post at your own risk.

We have some rules. The main one being: Don't Ask For MP3's from Fallen or other available commercial releases (singles, soundtrack appearances, etc...)! These cats are my friends, so don't rip them off by asking for songs you ought to go buy. Asking for pre-Fallen or demo or live tracks is cool.

The community is maintained by lavidio and savingfaces. All we ask is that you know how to take a joke, these girls mod with laughter, and love to be the ones to brighten your day. That doesn't mean they won't put you in your place.

<3Gabe for starting this wonderful community.